Why so popular?

Dental implants can act just like your own tooth root and the crowns over  dental implants can be used as your own crowns,too. They can provide your chewing function, smile and your self confidence,

So difficult to have an implant?

Under local anesthesia you feel almost nothing during the placement process. 

How does the operation effect my daily routine?

We recommend to have a rest of only one day after the operation and the day after the operation you can continue your life by using the medicine that was prescribed by your dentist. 

How many appointments do I need?

Your treatment is completed with only two visits.

Is there any age limit for dental implants?

The answer is clear, NO!

What about the healing time?

After the operation you need a five days of healing time for the removal of the stitches and after that you need to wait about 2-3 months for the osseointegration.

Is life time guarantee possible?

Our implants are guaranteed for life time under perfect oral hygiene.